Three faces {The Chapinas from Guatemala}

2013-03-06 22:31:26

I am a lucky gal! For starters, I really enjoy what I do. I get to travel and meet amazing people around the world. Most often than not I will have time to go out around the location, and snap a couple frames of my sorroundings. In this case, I wanted to capture the people from those places in a non – photojournalistic style. I wanted to ask them their names, who they where, how many kids they have, if they live in the town… and so on. When you take the time to find a little bit about the person who you are photographing, beatiful things happen. You get a peek into that person’s true character.


Meet Tomasa. Tomasa has several children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is from the outskirts of Antigua, and was on her way to the marker. No one had ever told her she was beautiful. This is the moment in between her feeling embarrassed and bursting out in laughter.

Meet Claudia. Claudia has one child. She works at the central market. It is quite common to find albino native Guatemalans. Because of her being an albino woman, light sensitivity is something which I had to keep in mind while photographing her. Even though I placed her in the shade, it was still hard for her to not show her discomfort.

Meet Monica. She is the daughter of a flower seller. She is 4 years old and loves the color pink. She was helping her mom with arranging the flowers at the market.  It is a daily occurrence to see children walking the streets of Antigua by themselves. Since Antigua is such a small town, and everyone knows everyone, the children of the town feel safe roaming the streets without their parents.

Guatemala is a beautiful country, and I am looking forward to taking another trip there, sooner rather than later!







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