I believe in delivering the highest quality products to my clients, but I also believe in the uniqueness of each couple's taste. This is the reason I have chosen to work with a variety of vendors. I want to make sure that the end product is as special as every client I work with.


Display you images in an alternative way other than the traditional photographic print. The canvases are printed with ink rated to last 100 years, and spray sealed with a UV inhibitor coat.


The Phot-O-Matic Station is a fun way for your guests to take pictures of themselves. It might get a little crazy and out of control at times, but it is well worth it. How big is it? The POMS is roughly 10x10 and it can be set up anywhere where near an electrical outlet. You can use it at any type of event, and it adds an additional element of fun to your already awesome party.