Nicole and Sebastien {Married // Port of Spain Trinidad}

2013-02-24 23:54:02

One of the reasons why I trully enjoy doing destination weddings, is not only for the sake of sitting in a plane (which I thurully enjoy) or because people live/ travel to exotic locations, but also because I get to meet all kinds of interesting people. It is quite fantastic to hear the stories from people of different cultures, what they do and how that differs from place to place. In this case, what makes this interesting is the fact that the groom was part of the Trininad and Tobago swim team for the Sydney Olimpics.


On to wedding descriptions,  and how awesome and fun this wedding was……..!

I am such a sucker when it comes to our faithful companions, these 2 fur balls are as much part of the family as any other blood relative!

One of my favorite moments through out the wedding, is whene the father of the bride sees her for the first time.

Sometimes mistakes are beautiful…

As a surprise, the groom asked Machel Montano, who happens to be one of the bride’s favorite singers, to come to the wedding and sing for her.








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