Monica + Jose {Engaged}

2012-01-25 13:41:08

How they met {according to her}: I met Jose back in 2001, his friend had invited one of my friends to a private concert of Ricardo Montaner, for the Latin Billboards… my friend did not want to go by herself, so she took four of her friends… one of those four was me. By the end of the night, Jose had my phone number… a couple of weeks later, we had our first date (his car was towed away that night!!!) We kept going out as couples with our friends and on my graduation day, we had our first kiss… I could say that we were in love quite quickly (a month after we were going out an “I love you” escaped from his mouth.) Although we broke up in the middle of our relation, when we got back together, we were stronger and more in love than ever. Since then, we have known that we belong to each other and that we could only be truly happy together. It is funny, as we are really different, yet really similar… we complement each other in so many ways… I could not live without him.







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