2012-09-21 15:20:30

A couple months ago, I asked my friend Kristin if she would like to be a model for a day… a week later we where shooting!  She was a total trooper, considering that I asked her to wake up  super early, in order to take advantage of the morning light.  She was also able to overlook the CRAZY amount of  bugs (and if you have been to South FL, you know that bugs down here are not normal, they are more like prehistoric flesh-eating beasts). I believe she did a fantastic job, even though she has never posed for anyone before.
I would like to thank my friend Damian Castellanos who did a fantastic job doing her makeup!!!
On a more artistic level, I have been trying to make it a point to at least shoot something personal once a month.  I am trying to constantly elevate and develop  my individual vision; this is how I refresh the way I see the world, I am constantly trying to challenge myself and break out of the mold. I am scared of having my work look like everyone else’s, I don’t want to follow the trends. I look for inspiration in everyday life, from everyday people. I want to make extraordinary things from the mundane and simple…
Ok, enough with the nonsense…  Enjoy the images!!!







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