Sew Love {POMS}

2012-09-21 21:06:55

I just wanted to share a couple of the pictures from the Phot O Matic Station (POMS) from last night.

Sew Love is Founded by sisters Silvia and Sabrina Scandar, Sew Love is an online community for collaborative creation. It is a platform where you can share your design ideas, get feedback from others, and even see your ideas come to life.

Sew Love is an innovative way for new designers to get their designs produced and for non-professionals to try their hand at creating fashions. At the core of Sew Love’s mission is fostering creativity and changing the world of fashion through individual empowerment. Please visit their website :

This particular event was held to raise funds for their kick starter campaign.  If you would like to donate money to their cause, please visit this link———-> CLICK RIGHT HERE