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Man or Woman’s Best Friends {Jack and Lola}

2010-04-13 20:51:50

I’ve had this little project in the back of my mind for quite some time, and after several attempts and tests, I have finally brought my self to sharing it.

I <3 (L.O.V.E) dogs, even more so when I know that someone has opened their heart to one that was in desperate need of rescuing. I have been Lola’s person for about 4 years, and she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. I don’t know if it’s because  she is grateful for us loving her, or because her living conditions are much better (as humans, we tend to attach “human” emotions to animals <— Cesar Milan’s voice). What ever it is,  I am just happy that she has chosen us as her family, and as my dad said to me once “we don’t choose our pets, our pets choose us”. A little back story on her: I was on my way to the pet store to get some pet food for my husband’s dog, Jack. While trying to find a parking spot I saw this tiny, little skinny thing from the corner of my eye. I just approached her  and she had this look of ” I want to go home with you” (or at least in my mind she did), and so she came home with us. The people from the shelter told us she was underfed and abandoned by her previous owners. She used to weigh 7Lbs, now she is a very happy 14Lb dog! There isn’t a better feeling than coming home knowing that this little creature offers you no more than their unconditional love.





People Coming Together

2010-04-01 18:27:20

I am FINALLY posting  some of the images I took for the SHARE THE LOVE fund raiser, where ALL of the money  went to Sow A Seed , a foundation that supports the people of Haiti. I want to thank the AMAZING girls from SoFLY who invited me to be part of this great event, and to PICTAGE for providing the image hosting and for donating the print profits from this event to the foundation!





People coming together for a good cause

2010-01-25 16:39:06

Seeing the amount of help that the people of Haiti need, a couple of photographers in the south Florida area and myself have decided, as many other people have, to do something to ease  the desperation and suffering that this country is going through. On January 30th, we will be holding mini portrait sessions for families whom would like to donate $100 for this amazing cause. I am very proud of being able to at least donate my time, even though it’s not much, and to join the millions of people who have already opened their hearts. So, come out and SHARE THE LOVE along us!