Cami + Patrick {eloped}

2014-02-25 18:20:31

How they met, in her words:

We met in 2010 in The Netherlands. We worked on the same building but different NGO’s but we shared kitchen. There was one specific mug in the kitchen that stood out, it was a Sarah Palin 2008 election mug, which was ironic given that we worked amongst the most international liberal organizations…and minds. It was too funny to ignore. When I left (Camila) I took the mug as a memento, it made me laugh every time. It turns out it was Patrick’s mug, he bought it because it was ironic, tacky and cheap (on Ebay after Obama won the presidency) along with a McCain t-shirt. He sent a massive email out to the building asking who took his mug. I was long gone and didn’t know it was his. Months later we met at a party bus in Amsterdam. To start conversation after I realized we had worked on the same building, I told him–for laughs–that I loved that mug and had taken it. Unimpressed, he went on to tell me that it was his and he has been looking for it for ages. We moved in, we had a long distance relationship for over a year living in different continents, and finally we got married.










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