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In her words:

Juan Camilo told me a few weeks after we met… “I have chosen you even before the first time we met” I did not understand… and he started telling me the story when a few months earlier he saw me in a restaurant with my ex-boyfriend when we were having dinner with all my friends. “I chose you over all the girls on your party, we are meant to be together…” I only understood it a few weeks later when we started going out as friends. Just a month earlier, I had just broken up  a 5 year relationship and I was not ready to start another commitment with anybody else. Over a delicious desert and coffee Juan expressed his interest in starting something, I just said: You are a very special guy, but it is not the right time… He said: “Just let yourself go with the flow…” and I started laughing… this guys was not going to surrender so I decided to test him. I took him home to have some wine and talk a little bit more… I wanted to see how seriously he wanted me. We went to my apartment and stay chatting and laughing until3:00 am. We had a blast and even though, he really behaved all night, I still felt the same about my decision. It was time for him to leave my home; he gave me a kiss in the cheek and hug me… That hug lasted forever and took me to another dimension where I recognized his soul. It felt like our bodies became one and we have known each other for a long time….

He left my apartment and my heart started beeping as it would come out from my chest and in that moment, I understood why I should give this relationship a chance… Ever since we have spent 6 amazing years of love, dreams, commitment, joy, friendship, complicity, trust and harmony together! We found each other again…. We meant to be together again….



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