Alli + Kyle // Arnaudville Louisiana {Day After Portraits}

2012-09-17 23:56:13

How they met, in her words:

I’d actually just moved back here (to Louisiana) and was pretty down on my luck with having lost my job, car, home, and most of my personal possessions, including my skydiving gear, due to the recession. I was back home living with my parents and my eldest sister kept telling me she had a friend that she used to work with that she wanted me to meet. I wasn’t having the greatest luck in the dating world at the time, either, so I was very hesitant to meet her friend and even more resistant to date anyone. After weeks of her hounding me, I finally agreed to have dinner at her house and meet this guy she’d been telling me about.

I arrived before the guy did, so I was preoccupied with playing with my nephews when he finally got there. I had no idea what to expect and in walks this long-haired blond guy with a very nice physique! I was taken aback because I wasn’t expecting him to be even remotely good-looking. Thought it was just going to be the same old, ‘I have a single friend and since you’re single, you two might hit it off.’ (We all know that rarely happens.) However, I’m not totally sold on looks alone, so I wondered what conversation would be like. He was actually quite shy, but received conversation well and opened up a bit after a while. My mind was still in lock-down mode, though, so I was leaving the night as ‘just friends’.

After that night, he began contacting me on Facebook…(haha, I know!) I would not give him my phone number, though. I just wasn’t ready to date anyone. He asked to take me out to dinner (just as friends) and I agreed…a girl’s got to eat! We had good conversation, but I still wasn’t feeling any type of real connection. Little did I know, I just wasn’t opening myself up to feel anything at all, so it took some work and persistence on his part.

The moment that I truly ‘fell’ for him was when my car had been backed into and messed up pretty badly. I had just started a new job and was not financially in a position to pay for the damages not covered by my insurance. Here comes my knight in shining armor… The guy I’d been “friends” with all this time, Kyle, just randomly says, “I’ll get the parts and fix your car, no problem!” I’m thinking, “what in the world!!!???” A few days later, as promised, he had all the parts and single handedly fixed my car, piece by piece. I watched him in awe, knowing and feeling, THIS is love demonstrated! Finally someone who spoke and acted MY love language!!! We had a date the night after and I swear I saw magic dust and lights floating around him all night. I knew he was the one I was going to marry…and just a year and a half later I did smile

And that’s how we met and fell in love!









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